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Marge Recommends lists the products, services and companies that I have used and been using for long enough to feel comfortable recommending them (some since long before the podcast!).  You’ll find top notch products and best-in-class customer service, and let’s be honest, a great product with shitty customer support doesn’t mean much does it?  If you’re in the market for something you find on this page, you can shop with confidence!

Affiliate Disclosure

I’ve been using the Magical Butter Machine for years now.  It makes infusing your butters, oils and alcohol painless.  I review the Magical Butter Machine on the podcast if you want to check that out. 

Goldleaf creates a variety of high quality cannabis themed journals, stationary, infographics and flower inspired posters. Free domestic shipping on orders over $35.  

The tCheck is a handheld device that tests your infusions and flower at home.  Get $25 off when you use the code bitemepodcast at the checkout. 

See the video below to see how the tCheck works.

Ardent is first and foremost a device that accurately decarbs your weed in a totally discrete manner – no smell!  It also extracts more cannabinoids from your flower, making your infusions more potent.  You can also use this to infuse and bake too, albeit in smaller batches but it makes infusing food easy and painless and comes with a case for portability.  Check out the episode I did with Ardent CEO Shanel Lindsay. 

The Anova Immersion Circulator has been recommended by show guests Nadia and Brent and now me!  I finally bought one for myself and it’s been a fun device to use for both edibles and good ol’ fashioned cooking!

Sticker Mule is the best sticker maker, period.  They make durable stickers, pins, labels & more.  They under-promise and over-deliver with excellent customer support.  Get $10 off your first order by using my link.

If you’ve thought about your own podcast, I can’t recommend Buzzsprout more highly.  I started for free and went to a paid account when I was ready.  Customer service, support and features are best in the industry. 

HiBnb Hosts offer cannabis friendly hotels and places to stay, events, activities, adventures.  Our comprehensive 420 friendly airbnb listings allow our Hosts to share their personal cannabis with you. Pretty dope, eh?  Use code BITEME for $10 off at checkout.

I’ve enjoyed this book so much I reviewed it for an episode!  Offering beautiful photos, a range of sweet and savoury recipes, it also includes details on calculating potency, infusing techniques and more.

I love this book because it focuses on recipes that offer bite sized pieces.  This can make dosing safer less complicated complicated.  Offering a range of recipes, one of my favourite recipes is the Cardamon Caramels, Green Eggs & Ham and Stoner Bites.

This book demystifies CBD while offering up recipes for self-care, beverages and food.  Artfully designed it includes sections on using CBD for pets and talking to loved ones who may be resistant to anything to do with weed.

This book is a spotlight on candy making and is intended for a cook that is comfortable in the kitchen generally and with making edibles.  If that’s you, this book is a welcome addition to your collection as it focuses on hard candy, gummies, caramels, chocolate and baked goods.


This book by Monica Lo has an excellent assortment of recipes categorized by type and level of difficulty.  A great paperback volume that will be a welcome edition to any edibles cookbook collection.  

I use my DynaVap almost daily and even better I use the Already Vaped Cannabis (AVC) to make infusions so there’s little waste of my precious herb.  I reviewed this beautiful little device on the show if you want to learn more. 

The Trichome Institute offers quality, online courses to further your cannabis education.  From Cooking with Cannabis, learning about concentrates and developing your palate, there’s something for every inquisitive cannabis user.  

This elegant, sleek, portable dry herb vaporizer has been in my rotation for a couple of years now. Offering temperature control, great battery life and easy to clean, you’ll be reaching for your Pax time and time again. Keep the AVC and use it in your infusions.

Instacart offers convenient home grocery delivery.   It’s great for those hectic weeks when you’re short on time, feeling sick/tired or you go to make some edibles and you realize that you’re out of some essentials but you’re too stoned to drive.

Sous vide is a tried and tested method for decarbing and infusing in which an immersion circulator heats a water bath to precise temperatures.  I’ve been using my Anova for a few years and it’s great for making edibles or general cooking too!

I became a Certified Ganjier in November of 2021 and was impressed with the calibre of the program.  The live training in Humbolt California provided the opportunity to learn from true legends of cannabis and meet fellow students.  The knowledge and networking has been invaluable to my own cannabis education and career.

A good kitchen scale is invaluable and I use mine regularly and for everything.  This one was recommended to me from somewhere many moons ago and years and years later, it still works great!  This brand has plenty of fancier versions available but for the price, you can beat the classic. 

A food thermometer is an often overlooked kitchen tool that I use all the time.  Don’t wonder if you food has reached the proper temperature, find out for sure! 

If you’re going to be making any kind of infused candies, caramels or other confectionary, a good candy thermometer is a must.  This one clips to your pot for handsfree use and is sturdy enough to withstand the rigours of your creating.  

Interested in making your own concentrates? You’re going to need a well ventilated area and a rice cooker to cook off the alcohol.  This little cooker is inexpensive and small enough to tuck away when you’re not using it.

The Oura Ring is the ultimate fitness tracker.  I’ve had mine since they were first introduced and upgraded to the latest iteration last year.  If you’re interested in tracking your health and fitness in a beautiful, unassuming wearable, this is it.  The link will earn you $50 off any version.  

MSNL Seedbank has been around since 1999 and offers a huge selection.  Worldwide shipping, discrete packaging (I couldn’t find the seeds on my first order!) and great customer service, you can order with confidence.  Try farm to table edibles with MSNL seeds!

I was unexpectedly gifted an Instant Pot and immediately realized why they’re a level up from the slow cooker.  If you’re short on time, pressure cooking drastically shortens your cooking time, but you saute and slow cook in this baby too.  I get what the fuss is all about now!

I met the folks from The Cannabis Coaching Institute recently and was impressed by the work that they were doing to improve the lives of people through cannabis.   The certification provides an outlet to those who want to work in the cannabis industry but don’t want to follow traditional routes.

I created an Edibles Journal for enthusiasts just like you!

The Bite Me Edibles Journal provides a convenient and organized way for you to track and record your edibles experience so you can take control of your high life.

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