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Just so we’re both on the same page, a company name with an * beside it’s name is an affiliate that I work with.  This means that I earn a small commission when you click on the link that I’ve provided.  This commission is at no extra cost to you but it helps me keep this show running.  If you’re gonna buy anyway, consider using my links that helps support the show.

I’ve been using the Magical Butter Machine in my kitchen for years now.  It makes infusing your butters, oils and alcohol painless.  I review the Magical Butter Machine on the podcast if you want to check that out. If you’ve ever fucked around trying to make edibles on the stove or crockpot you’ll probably love this thing

Goldleaf* creates a variety of quality cannabis themed journals, index cards and prints. Use code biteme10 at checkout for 10% off.  

The tCheck* is a handheld device that tests your infusions and flower at home.  Get $25 off when you use the code bitemepodcast at the checkout.

Instacart*offers convenient home grocery delivery.   It’s great for those hectic weeks when you’re short on time, when you’re feeling sick or you go to make some edibles and you realize that you’re out of some essentials but you’re too stoned to drive!

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