I don’t need to tell you that dosing is pretty crucial.

It’s the difference between having a nice, relaxing time, laughing and enjoying yourself or feeling like you’re about to have a panic attack as time stands still and you contemplate calling an ambulance.  If you’ve never experience the latter of these two scenarios, you probably know someone who has.

Unsurprisingly, The Dose is the Poison is most downloaded episode that I’ve recorded so far and for good reason!  Making edibles at home is fun but if you want to share your creations, you want to do so responsibly!  Obviously you’re here because you want to take the appropriate steps to calculate the potency of your edibles properly.

While there are devices on the market to help the home cook calculate the dosing such as the tCheck, it is by no means necessary to spend that kind of cash to get reasonably accurate dosing percentages.  The handy calculator will do the math for you or if you’re so inclined, the steps to do the math yourself can be found below the calculator.

Infusing Your Food With THC & CBD

In this first section, you’ll calculate the potency of your infused oil, alcohol, or fat product that can later be used directly in your recipe using the second section of this calculator.

Cannabis Product in Grams

(Can be flower, wax, oil, etc)

Cups of Oil, Alcohol, or Fat

(Butter / Lecithin) For Infusion*

Total mg of THC

Total mg of CBD

Total mg of THC per tablespoon

Total mg of CBD per tablespoon

Creating Portions/Servings

In this second section, you can add the infused oil you made in step one directly into any recipe.

Tablespoons of oil in your recipe
Servings in your recipe
Total mg of THC in entire recipe

Total mg of CBD in entire recipe

Total mg of THC in per serving

Total mg of CBD per serving

Wanna know the math behind the calculator?

Get out your calculator and follow these steps to calculate the potency of your edible.  All you need is some basic math skills and odds are, if you cook, bake or buy cannabis, you’ve picked up all the math and conversions you’ll need, regardless of the grade you got in high school algebra!

Step 1: Determine how much cannabis you’ll be using in your infusion in grams. Multiply the total grams by 1000 to get the miligrams of total flower used.   Ex. Marge used 30 grams of weed in her infusion.  30 x 1000 = 30,000 miligrams.

Step 2: Divide by the % of THC in the strain.  If you’re unsure, you can use an average of 15% THC.  Ex. Marge is using a bomb ass strain that is 16.1% THC.  16.1% is 0.161 x 30,000 = 4830mg THC in your infusion.

Step 3: Next, figure out how much base ingredient was used in the infusion.  Measure in cups.  Ex. Marge used 2 cups of coconut oil to make this infusion.

Step 4: Now, divide the amount of your total infused ingredient by the amount you used in your specific recipe.  So, the total mg of THC divided by the recipe portion.  Ex. Marge is using a 1/2 cup of infused coconut oil in her cookie recipe, so 4830mg THC divided by 1/2 cup is 4, so 4380mg of THC divided by 4 is 1207.5 mg of THC in the recipe.

Step 5: How many portions will you make from your recipe?  Take the total mg THC in the recipe and divide it by the number of servings.  Ex. Marge makes a batch of 30 cookies with her 1/2 cup of infused coconut oil.  So she divides 1207.5 by 30 cookies =40.25.  Thus each cookie will have approximately 40.25mg of THC.

And there you have it.  It looks worse than it is, but once you get a feel for the calculations it’ll get easier and you’ll be able to share your tasty edibles with confidence!

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